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YB Series Sliding Vane Pump Common Malfunction and Exclusion

Common Malfunction and Exclusion




No differential pressure

1、incorrect rotate direction

2、Lots of gas phase

3、Strainer blocking

4、Slip do not come out

1、check rotate direction

2、exclusion gas phase

3、clean the strainer

4、Close outlet shutoff valves slowly, still no increase on pressure, then open the pump and check, change the slip.

If there have large number of dirts and impurities, then should clean the rotor and check the strainer.

working differential pressure can nor reach to rated value

1、Loose belt

2、Lots of mechanical seal leakage

3、Low pressure of safety valve

4、Large losses of internal pump

1. Adjust center distance of pump and motor, make the belt tight and loose suitble

2. Checking the bearing damaged or not, and kinds of sealing and rings, change or grind rings.

3. Tighten and adjust bolt, adjust the pressure of safety valve.

4. If the attrition of pump side plate, rotor plate and slip is too much, then need to be changed.

Shock,loud noise

1、Lots of gas phase

2、Bearing damaged

3、broken of safety valve and outlet shutoff valve

1、Release gas, exclusion gas phase

2、Change bearing

3、Change valve

Sealing leakage

1、Lots of gas phase

2. assemble not appropriately

3、Broken of machinery sealing parts

1、Release gas

2、Check kinds of sealing rings, make sure if suitable or not

3、Change accessories.

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